Do I need to be an musician to play Karlax?

No, it is absolutely not compulsory to practice an instrument like the flute, the clarinet, the saxophone or any other instrument to play Karlax.

Karlax has an intuitive and natural dexterity that suits itself.

Furthermore, this dexterity is adaptable to your creations, your feel and your set.
You can choose, for example, to play percussion sounds either on pistons or with the accelerometer.

How much time does it take to learn how to play Karlax?

Karlax was conceived to offer a simple, natural and intuitive dexterity which does not require specific training.
When you put your hands on the instrument, fingers are in direct contact with the various sensors. From this point, you will quickly learn how to manipulate sensors with virtuosity.

Can we play several Karlax at the same time?

The radio connection has 12 different channels. It is thus possible for up to 12 Karlistes to play at the same time, each of them having their own Karlax Receiver MIDI or OSC connected on a different channel.
It is also possible to play in a duet on a single Karlax Receiver MIDI and OSC. Playing with more than 2 Karlax using the same receiver might affect the performances and reliability of transmission.

Does the redio connection remain stable and secure in environments already very blocked with wireless networks like WIFI, Bluetooth and others?

Yes, the frequency used for the wireless connection is located above the frequencies of Bluetooth, WiFi etc.

Is it possible for Karlax to control several different equipments at the same time, such as audio software, video software and stage lightening gear simultaneously?

Yes, the Karlax receiver is an versatile interface that offers 4 MIDI ports. You can also use additional MIDI or Ethernet/RJ45 connections to connect with other equipments such as computers, DMX interfaces etc.

Is it more difficult and longer to create with Karlax than with another controller?

No, on the contrary: there are many directly accessible sensors right under fingers, that makes testing and modifying your sounds and compositions very fast.