Karlax instrument for the digital arts


Karlax has been designed to offer artists a large and diverse range of controls. Karlax captures all the gestures, from the most sensible to the widest, combining expressivity and intuitiveness. The movement of fingers, wrists, elbows, forearms, torso and whole body are captured, analyzed and sent to the computer running the artistic intentions of the performer and composer.




Karlax uses a wireless network to communicate with his receiver, which is connected to the computer through USB, MIDI or OSC.


Karlax's sensors

Karlax divides in two parts: the top part for the left hand and the bottom part for the right hand. These two parts are linked together by a rotary axis (11) with benders on both ends (feel is comprable to a pitch bend wheel).
On the front of both parts there are 4 velocity sensitive pistons (1), 5 continuous keys (3) and 4 switches (4).

On the back of the top part,  the thumb manipulates 5 switches and a five positions mini-joystick (9) to browse through user interface that is displayed on the screen (8).

4 additional switches are accessible on the back of the bottom part (10).

A thumb rest (2) is placed on both top and bottom parts, which ergonomics were designed for conforable holding of the instrument and easy access to its elements, including manipulation of the rotary axis.



Aluminium and resin

 In order to ensure the precision and coherence  of these various mechanisms, Karlax, musical innovative instrument is manufactured in plain aluminum which is dedicated to hardware precision parts. This aluminum is anodized black for a better protection of  the surface.



The electronic heart

A total of 8 electronic boards and 2 Cortex M3 cores

6 layers PCB.  " Flex Rigid " Technology(ROHS compliant - Nickel Dumping Gold).



Edition - composition - performance

Karlax-Bridge & Karlax-View

Although using Karlax as an interface for your favorite audio software is as simple as with any other MIDI interface, Da Fact provides utilities (free downloads) to enhance the abilites of Karlax with some popular audio & MIDI software such as Ableton Live. Some available features : MIDI mapping and re-assignment, real-time visualization...

Karl/Max is a completecomposition and live performance software specially conceived for Karlax.

Karlax fonctionnality